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Top 4 Cholesterol Lowering Foods

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Want to keep your heart healthy during your 40s and beyond? Keep an eye on your cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease. Being a woman older than 55 increases your chances of developing the disease. The reason being that as your estrogen levels drop during menopause, your LDL (“bad” cholesterol)...

The Overqualified 40-something Bull Hits the Fan

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I just finished a job interview for a position that I thought fit my skills perfectly. I provided the hiring manager with samples of my work and we had what I thought was a great interview. That is until the end when I asked him if he had any qualms about me being able to do the job. He responded by saying that I had great qualifications but that...

Cheap Equipment for Your Home Gym

exercise ball and hand weights for a home gym

If you don’t have time to hit the gym or prefer to just work out at home, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on exercise equipment to build your own home gym in whatever space is available in your house. The following five pieces of equipment are not only comparably low in price but also not heavy (with the exception of the...

How to Handle Your Health Saboteurs

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Making time for exercise or choosing healthy options at a restaurant isn’t always easy. Obstacles may derail the best laid plans, but what happens when the health saboteurs you’re facing are family and friends, the people you most thought would be in your corner, supporting your healthy and fit lifestyle? According to Michele Kerulis, Ed.D...

Boost Your Metabolism After 40; Try HIIT!

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Are you a woman over 40 who’s finding it hard to lose weight or looking for a workout to boost your metabolism? Do you find yourself crunched for time to fit in your workout goals? Then give high intensity interval training a try! High intensity interval training (or HIIT) workouts are intense and short, typically lasting about 20 minutes. They...

Tips to Stay Healthy After 40 Courtesy of My Puppy

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I didn’t feel like working out this morning. Work and other commitments made me decide to skip the gym today. After all, I reasoned, I did work out yesterday. But my plans to have a take-it easy day changed when my puppy, Xena insisted we go out for a walk. Now, when I say puppy, I’m not talking about a dog that’s less than 2 years old. My...

Get Fit with Zumba

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If you’ve ever thought that sticking to an exercise routine would be easier if it was also fun, then Zumba® may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Zumba is a dance-fitness craze founded in 2001 that uses upbeat Latin and other international music (such as salsa, merengue, mambo, flamenco, chachacha, reggaeton, hip hop and African rhythms) to...

Fight Weight Gain Over 40

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Now that you’re over 40 have you noticed that your weight is slowly creeping up even though you haven’t changed your eating habits and are working out? Blame it on a slower metabolism which burns fewer calories each day as you age. Your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) slows down 5 percent for every 10 years after...