Healthy and Fit Over 40


Hitting the Heavy Weights Again

barbell and weights

I had forgotten the feel of iron in my hands. The rough grooves against my skin; the feeling of strength coursing through my body– through quads, biceps, triceps and more. It’s not that I had stopped working out with weights, just that I had become complacent with working out with lighter weights. Long work hours made it difficult to...

The Overqualified 40-something Bull Hits the Fan

woman scowling using laptop

I just finished a job interview for a position that I thought fit my skills perfectly. I provided the hiring manager with samples of my work and we had what I thought was a great interview. That is until the end when I asked him if he had any qualms about me being able to do the job. He responded by saying that I had great qualifications but that...

Tips to Stay Healthy After 40 Courtesy of My Puppy

puppy napping

I didn’t feel like working out this morning. Work and other commitments made me decide to skip the gym today. After all, I reasoned, I did work out yesterday. But my plans to have a take-it easy day changed when my puppy, Xena insisted we go out for a walk. Now, when I say puppy, I’m not talking about a dog that’s less than 2 years old. My...

You Are Not Too Old to Lead a Healthy and Fit Life

woman holding an orange

Recently, as I was watching TV and channel surfing (no DVR for me; I like the surprise of what’s happening just around the corner. It could be a sitcom, a mystery or something else entirely!), I noticed that on those channels that aired programming that attracts Baby Boomers and Generation X (Brady Bunch, Cheers anyone?), there weren’t too...